21 July 2014

Dropping Waists

blue drop waist

Yes, I did like romping around in the striped version of this dress so much that I had to get it in a solid hue as well. Drop waists don't usually work well for a shortie with stocky legs like myself, but this dress fit and hit me at the right places. What a nice surprise for me and a fun cas look for summer!

blue drop waist blue drop waist

Shirt: Lands' End Canvas gingham poplin (worn here - sim, peplum, deal)
Dress: Old Navy drop-waist (striped version, pricy)
Earrings: Jeweliq contessa (worn here - sim, lighter-hued)
Bracelets: J.Crew factory chain-link, Love Obsessed (sim, pricey grander), Sage K and Co (the original, sim)
Shoes: Vince Camuto ellington (worn here - sim, sim)
Bag: Longchamp (worn here - sim, horizontal stripes)

blue drop waist

blue drop waist

18 July 2014

Double Stack

double gondola stripes

I finally scored the original gondola stripe skirt on Ebay for a song a few weeks back so of course, I had to pair it with the blouse in the same stripe. Red, white and blue again - I can't beat this combo.

Have a lovely weekend, ladies!

double gondola stripes double gondola stripes

Top: J.Crew gondola stripe (worn here - sim & petite, luxe, split-neck cas)
Skirt: J.Crew gondola stripe (worn here - sim, wider stripes, pencil)
Belt: Deena & Ozzy via UO (worn here - sim, navy & navy)
Bracelet: Ann Taylor modernist crystal & leather-wrap (worn here - sim, gold clover, chain)
Shoes: Adrienne Vittadini yancy (worn here - sim, wedge)
Bag: Longchamp (worn here - sim, horizontal stripe, pouch)

double gondola stripes

16 July 2014

Currently ... from July

black ikat

Currently ...

Reading Graceling. Think Game of Thrones with a literal ass-kicking female lead. Yes, I can't seem to get over the YA fantasy genre but so far this has been a fun read.

Nesting. During my last visit to Target, I actually spent more time perusing couch pillows than discount dresses. Maybe there's a bit of hope for me in the home decor arena yet.

Eating Chipotle. Chicken burritos will always be a perpetual face-stuffing favorite.

Watching House Hunters. Though honestly most of the potential home owners kind of peeve me out. They often get stuck on real superficial stuff like the color of a wall or the type of appliances in the kitchen - those are easy, relatively inexpensive fixes! And the people who have champagne tastes on Boone's Farm budgets ... could I possibly be hate-watching?

Confused about my hair. Should I keep growing it out because I've never had real long hair before, or trim it back to a more manageable shoulder-length? Or shoot, be brave and bob it out again?

Drinking LaCroix sparkling flavored water. Where have I been? This stuff is cheap and delicious.

What are you ladies currently into?

black ikat black ikat

Shirt: Lands' End oxford (worn here - sim, sim)
Skirt: AT Loft ikat print pleated (same silhouette in paisley & stripes, sim maxi, as dress)
Bracelets: Rachel Leigh (sim punk, green), J.Crew (sim), Target (sim)
Shoes: Geox D sibilla (worn here - sim, sim, espadrilles)
Bag: Brahmin anytime (worn here - sim, deal, steal)

black ikat

black ikat

14 July 2014

Keeping it Crisp

eyelet shift

White shirts aside, this is literally the only all-white piece of clothing I've got. I don't have any white skirts, shorts, any other white dresses. It's not that I don't like white - I actually think it is really sleek and crisp and adore all-white ensembles - it's just that I am an errant stain magnet and can't be relied on to keep white clean. But I couldn't resist this cute dress and so far have miraculously managed to keep all makeup smudges and paint marks from getting on it ... though I wonder how long before my luck runs out!

eyelet shift eyelet shift

Dress: F21 eyelet shift (worn here - sim, sim, sim)
Belt: Asos (worn here - sim, thicker, pricey)
Necklace: Hawthorne Collection (worn here - doppelgรคnger, sim, grander)
Bracelets: Old Navy (sim), Asos (sim), c/o Style Lately (sim)
Ring: F21 (sim, studded)
Shoes: Gap espadrille wedges DIY'd (worn here - sim flats, plain)
Clutch: Kate Spade (worn here - sim, sim, steal)

eyelet shift

eyelet shift

11 July 2014

London Bus in Mint

boden print + stripes

Thanks for all your well wishes on the move, ladies!

Talk about first world problems. I have too much stuff. It was a bear to move it all. We're all in our new house now but it'll take a looooong while for us to finish unpacking and finally settle in. Pup is a bit freaked out over the new smells and new place. The closet is a disaster. I've been avoiding going to the market for a massive restocking trip. There's a weed the size of a small tree in the front yard. My outfits these last few days have consisted of ratty jean shorts and over-sized tees. So please enjoy an outfit from more peaceful pre-moving days.

boden print + stripes boden print + stripes

Top: J.Crew vintage cotton stripe (sim, pricey)
Skirt: J.Crew factory (worn here - sim, darker, colorful)
Scarf: c/o Boden printed (worn here - sim redder, luxe blue)
Bracelet: INPINK barnacle (worn here - sim, sim)
Shoes: c/o Boden palma (worn here - sim, heeled)
Bag: C.Wonder colorblock (worn here - sim navy, in jute, cheeky)

boden print + stripes
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