03 August 2015

Style Lately

Sparkles and stripes (exact heels & sim top, skirt on sale, necklace).

Multi-colored (exact top & sim skirt, necklace).

A distressed prep (exact top & sim sandals, shorts for a steal).

Summer sandals (from top right: exact , sim dupe, sim, exact, exact -  
brand new size 8 available on my blog sale).

My "Twister" top (exact sandals & sim top, shorts for a steal).

These sandals with everything, all summer (exact sandals on sale, jeans also on sale).

Safari vesting (exact sandals on sale, hat for a steal & sim dress, vest).

31 July 2015

Dalmation Spotted

boulevard tunic

I love the ease of a shift dress, it's a one-piece insta-outfit and skims the body without being too form-fitting. However, as my booty grows (thanks, squats), they're starting not to fit me so well in the bottom area. So ... maybe I'll need to stick to fit-and-flare silhouettes from now on so I can keep it all contained.

boulevard tunic boulevard tunic

Dress: Boden boulevard tunic (worn before - sim short-sleeve, red hem on sale, graffiti-print)
Necklace: Banana Republic tutti frutti (worn before - sim, to rent, pale pink)
Bracelet: J.Crew hammered double cuff (sim studded) & c/o Your Bijoux Box (worn before - sim)
Shoes: c/o Farylrobin via Anthropologie fela heels (worn before - sim for $25, platform for less than $20)
Bag: Coach legacy flight (worn before - sim, sim, croc-embossed)

boulevard tunic

boulevard tunic

29 July 2015

Purple and Floral Favorites

hamatreya skirt

Except for the top which is fairly new, everything else are things from my closet that I adore and don't wear often enough for one reason or another (except the ring, you guys are probably tired of seeing the ring, which I luuuurrve and have no excuses to not wear). The print and flow of this skirt is amazing to me, but I strangely find it difficult to pair pieces with it. The bag fits everything I need and is just structured enough to hold its shape while being more casual - but it's purple. The shoes are comfortable and unique but the back zipper on one of them gets stuck sometimes, making them difficult to get off.

You ladies have any favorites in your closet that you adore but don't really wear that often for some odd reason or another?

hamatreya skirt

hamatreya skirt

Top: Madewell courier in stripe (now on sale, same in white / plaid, sim spotted)
Skirt: Nathalie Lete via Anthropologie hamatreya (worn before - sim w/blue background on sale,
w/white background for less than $20)
Bracelet: INPINK barnacle (for a steal, worn before - sim, pearl)
Ring: INPINK (sim for less than $30, sim for less than $20)
Shoes: Seychelles she's got the moves (worn before - sim pricey, platforms, flats)
Bag: Coach madison leather phoebe (worn before - sim, sim, for a steal)

hamatreya skirt

27 July 2015

Style Lately

Peplum and floral (exact top, necklace - use code LISABFF56 for your first month free - 
& sim skirt for a steal, bag, sandals).

A spotted statement (exact necklace - use code LISABFF56 for your first month free - & sim blouse).

Green scallops (sim jeans on sale, sandals ... jelly version).

I can't go a few days without some pattern mixing (sim skirt, blouse, shoes).

Gingham for the weekend (sim shorts on sale, top, belt under $10).

Choices, choices (clockwise from top: exact on sale, exact, exact, exact, exact for a deal,
 exact, sim & exact on sale).

Blue florals (exact top, sandals & sim shorts print on romper).

24 July 2015

Vertical and Horizontal

pink + blue stripes

Easy, preppy and comfortable - that's what I'm about for warmer weather dressing. And I adore Jack Rogers sandals, they're cute, they're look good on my feet, and they're fairly comfy right out of the box - except the smooth leather sole is like wearing slip'n slides on my feet when they're new because there is zero grip. And the light leather insoles mean toe imprints after wearing them a few times, which aesthetically really bugs me.   

But they're also about half the price of those other symbols of preppy summer sandal-dom, the Tory Burch millers, and they come in like a million different colors. So I'll wear these on those days my desire to look cute outweigh my fear of sliding off to impending doom (seriously - walking on wet grass in Jacks are not recommended, people ...)

pink + blue stripes  pink + blue stripes

Top: Lands' End long-sleeve tunic (on sale - sim, sim)
Shorts: Gap (worn here - sim, bermuda length, B&W)
Bracelet: J.Crew hammered double cuff (sim rounded, square)
Rings: INPINK (sim, sim) & Forever 21
Shoes: Jack Rogers (worn here - sim, nautical, comfort)
Bag: Zara (sim steal & studded steal)

pink + blue stripes

pink + blue stripes
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