01 October 2014

Bits for October

Wow, October already, huh? Well, here are bits of style randomness from this past month (you can see some of these pics and more on my Instagram):

sept 1 sept 2 sept 3

sept 4 sept 5 sept 6
Magenta flats, glitter loafers, pants (worn here). Rings & sim skirt (worn here), heels.  
Sim vest (worn here), shirt, jeans, boots (worn here).

sept 7 sept 8 sept 9
Jeans & sim sweater, wedges (worn here), bag. Sweater & sim shorts, necklace, sandals.  
Sim jacket, sweatshirt, cords, necklace (outfit worn here).

sept 10 sept 11 sept 12
Necklaces, pants & sim shirt. Skirt (worn here) & sim necklace, heels, top.  
Tee, necklace, flats & sim jeans (worn here).

sept 13 sept 14 sept 15
Factory version of the vest & sim scarf, top, heels (outfit worn here). Sim dress (worn here), belt, heels, necklace.  
Sim top (as tank), collared blouse (worn here).

sept 16 sept 17 sept 18
  Dress & sim blazer (worn here), necklace, heels. Clutch. Sandals, bracelet & sim dress (worn here), cardi, bag.

29 September 2014

Hamatreya Skirting and Get in my Belly

hamatreya + stripes

I've been a busy little domestic bee this weekend with a top-to-bottom house cleaning, some nesting (I know it's been like three months since we've moved, but we're still not settled), a trip to the farmer's market and bits of home cooking.

I tried making roast for the first time, which ended up being a breeze, thanks to this slow cooker pot roast recipe. I only got a two-pound roast and didn't include potatoes but kept the rest of the ingredients the same and still ended up with a nice flavorful meal.

yorkshire pot roast dumpling

We decided to go full carb loading on the side and made mashed potatoes with yorkshire pudding which turned out super impressively high. I may have had more than more share of them, especially with some strawberry jam for an after-dessert dessert (that's right).

On Sunday morning, these easy apple dumplings filled the tummy nicely, especially with a few scoops of vanilla (ice cream for breakfast is acceptable on the weekends, right). I guess we made a weekend out of consuming cozy brown foods, haha. My dietician and trainer would both likely be aghast at me, but that's partly I don't have either.

What edible goodness have you consumed this weekend?

hamatreya + stripes hamatreya + stripes

Top: J.Crew perfect striped (worn here - sim, sim, sim)
Skirt: Nathalie Lete via Anthropologie hamatreya (worn here - sim pricey, sim in dark blue, black for a deal)
Necklace: J.Crew crystal cluster (worn here - sim, sim, steal)
Bracelets: Banana Republic (sim), F21 (sim)
Shoes: Guess kissani (worn here - sim, pricey, with a big beautiful bow)
Bag: Brahmin anytime (worn here - this season's version, sim, sim)

hamatreya + stripes

hamatreya + stripes

26 September 2014

KL Get Happy

ottoman shift

First, this dress ... then a trip ...

ottoman shift ottoman shift

Dress: Boden ottoman shift (on sale, worn here - same in this season's hues, sim sleeveless, sim)
Shirt: F21 (worn here - sim in lace for a steal, pricey, luxe)
Earrings: J.Crew crystal shimmer (worn here - sim, sim)
Bracelets: J.Crew (sim), J.Crew factory chainlink, Old Navy (sim)
Shoes: J.Crew paulina in nightfall floral (worn here - sim, pinker)
Bag: J.Crew claremont (worn here - sim, sim)

ottoman shift

ottoman shift

Though I took this trip earlier this month, I didn't want to forget to share some snips of my first visit to Kuala Lumpur. I think I pretty much ate an all-carbs diet while I was there, filling up on my share of Asian bakery breads, fresh-made breakfast roti, and anything made with rice. The weather and people were lovely, I was glad I had an opportunity to visit.

My hotel was located right across City Centre Park from the Petronas Towers - what a spectacular view to walk out to every day! ♥ Showing some love to Malaysia (rings are from F21). ♥ Another lovely park view.

♥ My trip coencided with the Mid-Autumn Festival - so when in an Asian country, eat moon cake! Top floor of my hotel - it's the hotel pool/slash bar and you literally had to walk along the edge of the water to move around. I'm surprised no one fell in! ♥ Bukit Bintang - party area filled with bars and restaurants ... and endless happy hour ...

♥ How many shops can you fit into one building ... ♥ The twin towers by twilight. 
 ♥ Just part of a yummy Chinese spread.

KL10 KL11 KL12
I love soup dumplings. ♥ Spoiling myself a bit with a spa evening at the Impiana
 ♥ Pool bar by night - it's called the Sky Bar at Traders.

KL13 KL14 KL15
When life asks you why ... ♥ Yes, we had Mexican food for dinner one evening. And the use of Asian chiles in some of the salsas made them pleasingly tongue-numbing hot. ♥ My first glimpse of Taiwan since my teens - unfortunately just a short layover in Taipei.

KL16 KL17 KL18  
♥ Hello Kitty rules at Taipei Airport. ♥ As well as a menagerie of other cutesy friends. ♥ Sure sign I'm back in 'Merica - my flight home had a special VIP passenger (on her way to Dollywood).

24 September 2014

Rosy Skirts

floral rose

I'm grandma chic in today's outfit. I loved the print and flow of the skirt so it was a no-brainer to purchase, but now that I'm wearing it, the print and the length is making me feel more old lady-like than I'm ready for. OK, and the fluffy spotted sweater probably doesn't help either, but it was the first thing to catch my eye in the morning, and it was all me who put this entire outfit together and wore it.

Intrinsically I don't think there's anything wrong with this outfit, it's pretty and swishy, but it doesn't necessarily make me feel like I can take on the world. Maybe more like, I can take myself to file those books and then make it out of the library in time to get the early bird special.

Ah well, I guess next time I don this skirt, I'll need to edge up on the rest of the outfit to look a little more age-appropriate and contemporary. Maybe this mixed-material denim jacket that I ordered recently will fit the bill better.

floral rose floral rose

Sweater: J.Crew factory charley in pom-pom (worn here - sim, in different hues, over-sized poms)
Skirt: Asos midi in floral rose (sim, pencil, steal)
Necklace: Purple Peridot (worn here - the original, sim, tasseled)
Bracelets: Rachel Leigh (sim), J.Crew factory (sim pave), J.Crew (worn here - sim)
Shoes: Zara cap-toe court (worn here - sim slingback, wedge, lower heel)
Bag: Dooney & Bourke cabriolet dome (worn here - sim, sim, sim)

floral rose

floral rose
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